3 Ways to Win Micro Moments

It’s almost impossible to imagine a time when our mobile devices weren’t within an arms reach. My phone has rapidly made its way into my heart, and I don’t see it leaving anytime soon. While this love affair has made a dramatic difference to my life, what does it mean for marketers?


Google suggests that the key to making the most of our growing dependencies on mobile devices lies in ‘micro moments’. Micro moments are defined as situations when we are looking for information to help us make decisions. It is in these moments that we turn to our devices, and it gives marketers an opportunity to engage.

This brings about the question, how do marketers win micro moments?

Firstly, companies must be there for their consumers. In order to understand what consumers are looking for, you must understand their intentions and their context. It is crucial to understand the most common topics consumers are searching for in relation to your category, and how well you address these topics, if at all. On top of this, how does context affect their search? Is their need for information different when they are in store during business hours as opposed to late at night on a desktop?

Secondly, once you are there for your consumers, the problem shifts to how to be useful? The key here is to provide, quick digestible information for users. Consumers are 69% more likely to buy from a company whose mobile site helps to easily answer their questions. Provide quick information on the location of your product, and how to use it.

Finally, once you know how to be useful to your consumers, the focus should be shifted onto speed. In order to do this, mobile sites need to cut down on the number of steps a user must take. It is also essential to anticipate their needs, by considering mobile content searches, you can find what consumers are looking for on your site, and provide it to them before they go looking for it. And of course, load time must be kept to a minimum.

Simple. Be there, be useful, and be quick. Comments?


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